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Pete’s Pergolas Systems came about during a trip in a pickup truck on the way to Slovenia. During our time here, we came across a beautiful restaurant and sat outside admiring the breathtaking view. The waiter came across and noticed that the late evening sun was in our eyes as we perused the menu. Taking a remote control from his pocket, he rotated the blades in the section of the roof above us and redirected the sun’s rays. It was that moment that got us thinking!

People are looking for an all-year-round solution, a permanent structure to shelter them no matter what happens with the weather. A perfect unobtrusive inside/outside space made for suitable for relaxing and entertaining. However, we understand that many envisage an outdoor pergola as a flimsy wooden structure that could be pushed over. Not our Pergolas.

Our pergolas are brought to you exclusively by Pete’s Pergola Systems and are transforming these structures from something decorative to an outdoor entertainment space. A roof with blades that rotate to let in the sunshine, additional side panels for the winter months, speakers built in, lights to brighten up the evenings and heat lamps to keep the chill away.

This premium product has been developed for any patio area, whether it is to be used in a domestic location or commercially, for covering a large outside space. This is why we would like to share the potential of Pete’s Pergola Systems – to make our customers fall back in love with the great outdoors.

So off we went, back to Slovenia, to visit the manufacturer to look at the product in person. We were so impressed that when we got back, we got straight onto ordering a desk sized sample for our showroom. Come and see our products for yourself – here you have the opportunity to use the remote control to control the blades and experience the quality of our pergolas first hand.

We are excited to offer this outstanding pergola system to the UK for the very first time. From supermarkets to super products, we’ve come a long way – which is merely the beginning for Pete’s Pergola Systems.

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